Without Benefits FAQ

About Without Benefits: 

  1. Where can I buy the book? Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More retailers will be added soon!
  2. Are there review copies available of Without Benefits? Yes. If you’re interested in reviewing Without Benefits, send an e-mail to info@magnolialiterary.com. Please include a link to your review blog and your social media accounts.

Appearances, etc:

  1. Will Nicole be doing any in-person author events? She don’t have any planned but she wants to!
  2. Would Nicole like to be a guest at the conference/convention I’m organizing? Send an e-mail at info@magnolialiterary.com and we can definitely talk! Nicole love traveling and going to conferences.
  3. Is Nicole open to author blurb requests? She is! Send her an e-mail at her personal account (Nicole@nicoleatone.com). Let her know the title, genre, a little bit about the book, and why you’d like me to blurb it.
  4. Is Nicole open for interview requests? She is! Send an e-mail to info@magnolialiterary.com.