Editing Services

No matter your publishing path, here at Magnolia Literary we want to help each author reach their goal. For this reason, we’re offering a variety of editing services available to authors not looking to submit to Magnolia. We are not a pay-to-play publisher, but a publisher that cares deeply about writers since we’re writers too.

Below you’ll find a list of our services and their prices. All services are invoiced through PayPal and payments are due at time of receipt.

Ready to get started? E-mail info@magnolialiterary.com

Query and Pitch Services
Query Letter Critique – $25 – A three-pass process where we work with the author on editing their query letter and helping them personalize for the agent or editor it is intended for. Besides personalization, we would help the author strengthen and clarify their stakes and overall pitch.
Query Letter + 1st chapter$45 – The same three-pass process described above, including multiple passes of the writer’s first chapter. This includes suggestions on how to strengthen the manuscript’s opening, should it need it, as well as proofreading.
— Twitter Pitch Critiques$10 per pitch – Brainstorming and creation of pitches for twitter pitch events.

Developmental Services
— Reader’s Report$200 – Editor will read full manuscript and write up a 1-page report on the manuscript’s strengths, weaknesses, and evaluation of readiness for publication or querying.
— Developmental Edit .005 per word –  Editor will read full manuscript and write up an evaluation of the project’s strengths and weaknesses. This includes comments and suggestions pertaining to plot, character development, world building, as well as how well the project fits into the author’s desired genre.

While there are only a few services listed below, the list will grow should there be a demand for it. We are also not working with any Middle-Grade genre, High Fantasy, or Erotica at this time.